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Text Box: George Ingram is busy this month and so he has asked me to pull together  our best articles since Newsletter 52 and as a pre-Christmas treat summarise them for easy download here. It’s been a great year for us in terms of research and 2010 promises to be equally full and we hope entertaining. This year has seen us discover ‘previously unreleased’ music by the group and to launch our major project on the Rise and The Fall of The NEW Four Seasons as well as the development of our now comprehensive CD Discograpy and Sound evaluation guide.
2010 promises more great things for fans with the planned completion of Chapters 6, 7 and 8 of the Rise and Fall which will take us through to 1982 and Frankie’s nervous breakdown and the collapse of the ‘official Text Box: subscription based fan clubs’. We know of 2 potential CD projects by collectors in Europe and a commercial release of rare tracks from the early days of the group, planned for 2010 and we’ll be the first to review these when they appear. We’ll issue more reviews of the sound quality of CD’s in our discography and of course another fans get-together will be planned.
We can’t promise that all these things will happen….but we’ll keep everything crossed that they do.
And we will hopefully have another Newsletter publication (web site and hard copy) when our long-suffering University Tutor and editor George Ingram can get some time away from his students. Until then enjoy what we have and particularly the ‘bonus tracks!’ below, Courtesy of George.. Best for now Casey Chameleon

‘I Wonder Why’ You Tube video

Tribute to Ellie Greenwich

A Tribute to Nick Massi You Tube video

Are The Jersey Boys The NEW Four Seasons

What Goes Around, Comes Around…

The Four Seasons ‘DS’ Remixes

And our New Web Pages

CD Discography

Sound evaluation web page

Four Seasons Membership

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future Issues

· The Jean Thomas Story - Part 2

· More Timepieces

· More oldies articles from the 70s

· Sound Engineering the 4 Seasons—George Schowerer

· The Rise and Fall of the NEW Four Seasons 1966—1978

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Lynn’s Page - Viva Las Vegas – The Convention Report

More Salvaged Four Seasons – Bachelors III ‘Live’

The Arrival Of The Four Seasons

[ Part1     Part2        Part3        Part4 ]

The Rise and Fall Of The NEW Four Seasons - Chapter 5

[ Introduction         Part1        Part2        Part3 ]

Timepieces – Lost In The Motown Vaults

Timepieces – What Goes Around

Bonus ‘tracks’ (articles)


Frank Slay  - From Texas to Tallahassee..and Freddie Cannon

The Four Seasons and the movie ‘Beach Ball’