Text Box: The Four Seasons UK Appreciation Society Newsletter
Text Box: We’ll at last we caught up with George Ingram as he completed his documentation library review before retirement in September last year. The Newsletter series has finally come to an end as he comes full circle back to 1980 and the last of the unpublished articles. It’s been a mammoth series if you’ve printed them all out. At least two lever arch files full.
 For the close down of our web site update service we have the final five collections of articles into Newsletters 63 to 68 offering more of those mid 70s articles you have missed/have forgotten/or have seen fade away as old text print does.
 These pages celebrate the great ‘revival’ Four Seasons of that day and their performances Frankie’s subsequent solo tours and lots of vinyl and CD info, Our discographies are all brought up to date and the web site retains our links to our 
Text Box: previous blog ‘Chameleon’s’ Blog from 2009 to 2011 still accessible at Typepad packed with lots of research articles and there is still ‘That ‘Four Seasons’ Sound our Blog from 2011 to 2016. This blog will close this year with our final research ,
Our only research now remains the Motown Catalogue and our Campaign to get release of the 45+ unreleased tracks recorded and still in the vault . Our Free The Four Seasons from the Vault  Campaign is on facebook.
So signing off …best wishes from George Ingram, Lynn Boleyn, Ray Nichol and me. .Enjoy these downloads below and maybe someday someone will re-launch the UK web site. It needs modernizing and re-designing but until someone from the younger generation takes the interest this is the best www Four Seasons fans will get……Casey Chameleon.

That’s all folks . No More Future Issues


     It’s the End of the Newsletter Era and the Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons UK research group . Contact Lynn Boleyn MBE for latest news and info from 2016 on.

Bye –eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Text Box: Numbers 63 to 68 —Feb 2016

Special thanks to the late great Frank Rovello and the http.www.genuine-imitation-life-gazette.com site for the use of his articles

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Part 1_63           Part 1_64           Part 1 65       Part 1 66               Part 1 67               Part1 68

Part 2 63           Part 2_64           Part 2 65       Part 2 66               Part 2 67               Part2 68

Part 3_63           #####             Part 3 65       Part 3 66               Part 3 67               Part3 68

Part 4_63           #####             Part 4 65       Part 4 66               Part 4 67               Part4 68



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