Text Box: The Four Seasons UK Appreciation Society NewsletterText Box: We’ve been catching up all summer due to vacations but George Ingram has hit a groove as he speeds up his documentation library review before retirement next year. The Newsletter series will finally come to an end as he comes full circle back to 1980 and the last of the unpublished articles. It’s been a mammoth series if you’ve printed them all out. Two lever arch files full.

But for now we have Newsletter Nr 60 offering more of those mid 70s articles you have missed/have forgotten/or have seen fade away as old text print does.

These pages celebrate the great ‘revival’ Four Seasons of that day and their performances.Text Box: Our remaining focus will be on verifying the record of release dates for vinyl albums and singles in our discographies and the different versions that have appeared (and what remains in the vaults) Updated discographies is our target.

The blog will continue to keep fans advised of new information and the work of our music detectives. And we continue to work at getting the unrleased material issued(especially the Motown era….some 50 tracks potentially) 

In the meantime ….Enjoy these downloads below……Casey Chameleon.

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Movie Reviews for Jersey Boys

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The Rise and Fall of the NEW Four Seasons 1966—1978

Updated Masters/Sessions Archive for Philips and Vee-Jay

Text Box: Number 60— June 2014

Special thanks to Frank Rovello and the http.www.genuine-imitation-life-gazette.com site for the use of his articles

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