Text Box: The Four Seasons UK Appreciation Society NewsletterText Box: They say you can wait ages for a bus and then 2 turn up together! Well George Ingram is churning out Newsletters at such a rate now that we can hardly keep up with him. Again the focus is on completing the articles that document the mid-70s most successful line-up. Hearing about how ‘Who Loves You’, ‘December’63’, and ‘Silver Star’ were talked of as forthcoming hits is somewhat strange in 2014 but none-the-less it does illustrate how good the group were as a ‘band’…..something that is lost in today’s production of ‘live’ and electronically perfect stage shows. The focus on Joe Long’s departure from the group is ‘sanitised’ in magazine articles(but now we know the real story) and the group’s history is admirably documented in the Time Barrier Express article available here , courtesy of Frank Rovello’s GILG website. Late 1970s releases information is .Text Box: fully documented as usual with scans of picture sleeves as appropriate for collector fans. George will systematically complete the documentation of the 1970s in the forthcoming Newsletter 60 which won’t be long coming. With the focus this year being on the forthcoming film of Jersey Boys it remains to be seen how the world will react and if anyone wants to know the true story behind the group’s most successful time which isn’t (it appears) documented in the film. Our remaining focus will be on verifying the record of release dates for vinyl albums and singles in our discographies and the different versions that have appeared (and what remains in the vaults) The blog will continue to keep fans advised of new information and the work of our music detectives. In the meantime ….Enjoy these downloads below……Casey Chameleon.

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Text Box: Number 59— April 2014

Special thanks to Frank Rovello and the http.www.genuine-imitation-life-gazette.com site for the use of his articles

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