Text Box: The Four Seasons UK Appreciation Society NewsletterText Box: With the focus over the last few months being on the making of a Jersey Boys film for release in the summer 2014 the latest newsletter from George Ingram reflects on the recent tour memories from Lynn Boleyn and a look back at articles and concert reviews from 1977. Plus we have the latest news on 2013 CD releases and mp3 downloads. These are not being added in to our web site based CD Discography database which represents the historic CD releases to collect . Recent releases are re-releases of previous CD based tracks, and out-of-copyright bootlegs or simply Rhino dragging out old projects for re-issue. We will update our web site and . We will consider what to addText Box: to the CD Discography developed by our friend, the late Stefan Wriedt. We will review new CD’s  that feature new to CD, unreleased or re-mastered material but we are not adding superfluous Public Domain bootlegs or re-release of the same material from past CD’s and although some vinyl re-issues have emerged we are not expanding  the vinyl catalogue listing Masters Sections which cover 1953 to 1974 masters. We have updated the Masters listing of all of the 1960s vinyl releases and have included newly discovered  unreleased tracks and corrections .
I’ve reviewed the content of this great newsletter in That ’Four Seasons’ Sound blog so get the downloads below  …..Casey

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The Jean Thomas Story - Part 4


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The Rise and Fall of the NEW Four Seasons 1966—1978

Updated Masters/Sessions Archive for Philips and Vee-Jay

Text Box: Number 58—February 2014

Special thanks to Frank Rovello and the http.www.genuine-imitation-life-gazette.com site for the use of his articles  

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