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Text Box: Great days for UK fans of the Four Seasons and the launch of Jersey Boys on the West End brought many of us together again for the first time in many years ……..and with the endorsement of Joe Long and John Paiva it is time we celebrated the contribution of all members of the group over the decades as we change our name. Joe and John will contribute to our research of their times with the group in future articles.
This time we feature the 1971 and 72 releases by the group and Frankie Valli solo backed up with articles from that year. And we have  ’Special Blog Articles in our ‘Seasons’ Connections series featuring the Happenings with comment from Bob Miranda and John Paiva. We Text Box: were fortunate enough to also get former ’Rag Dolls’ lead singer Jean Thomas to uncover some lost tracks in her closet.  Lynn’s pages has details of our re-union to see ‘Jersey Boys’ in London, and Ray Nichol, Tina and Lynn’s Opening Night exploits can be seen in colour  via download from our web– site or the links within the blog. Another packed copy full of celebration of all things Four Seasons . And with the remainder of Frankie Valli’s albums now released on CD via Collector’s Choice we hear rumours of Motown and ‘Lost and Found’ tracks surfacing soon. You can be sure we will be the first to review them. We hope you enjoy the content…..The Editor—  George Ingram

The 1971/72 single and LP releases

Lynn’s Pages

Parts 1 and 2

Fan’s re-union Night

Jersey Boys Preview

Bonus Blog Article

‘Seasons’ Connections

Jean Thomas—Out Of The Closet

Bonus Blog Article

‘Seasons’ Connections The Happenings - Lost Tracks 1969 - 77

Story behind “You’re Ready Now!” and “Whatever You Say/Sleeping Man”,

Four Lovers article Dec 72


Recent and Coming releases

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future Issues

· The Jean Thomas Story - Part 2

· ‘Seasons’ Connections Volume 8

· More oldies articles from the 70s

· Sound Engineering the 4 Seasons—George Schowerer

· The Rise and Fall of the NEW Four Seasons 1966—1978

Text Box: Number 51— April 2008


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Lynn’s Pages 1 and 2

JB London Fans Verdict

Bonus Article

The Happennings

Front Page

Articles 1971/72 Pts 1,2 and 3

Special thanks to Frank Rovello and the http.www.genuine-imitation-life-gazette.com site for the use of his articles

Reviews & Releases

The Four Lovers

Releases  Part 15

Romancing The 60s

You’re Ready Now/Seasons bios

Society changes