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Our latest newsletter No 47 is published below. It features 29 pages containing original research and articles, more scrapbook cuttings of articles on the group from the mid 60’s and some recently about “Jersey Boys”. The reproduced 60’s articles give an insight into the group’s image and promotion during their original ‘heyday’. We include a track by track description of their albums and singles during 1967 and an article which asks ”Will THE FOUR SEASONS Last Forever”….well so far so good!.

Our research of Bob Crewe and the artists he worked with continues and this time we feature ‘Seasons’ Connections Volume 5 covering 29 more tracks connected to Bob as producer or with Four Seasons/Charles Calello connections. These tracks are extremely rare and finding their history and the amazing back-up vocals the group did even after the success of ‘Sherry’ is quite something. This compilation features some classic soul, laid back pop and ‘garage’ band tracks from the mid to late 60’s. We continue to feature photos courtesy of George Showerer .

We have a review by one of our main researchers of his experiences of New York and seeing ‘Jersey Boys’.

We’ve been in communication with Motown Universal compiler Paul Nixon and the Four Seasons Partnership about the problems in getting the Motown years unreleased tracks issued. These problems are described in our in-depth review of the issues and how at present it needs positive moves by both parties to achieve a result. And we explain why, with a forthcoming Rhino release targeted at the big market, it seems unlikely the Partnership will, at present, feel able to support this project.

Also included are the views of our ‘Music Detectives’ on the songs of ‘Robert John Francis’ and their current ‘Seasons’ Connections research. If you click on the record players below you’ll hear a song written by this ‘musical genius’ and recorded by the Temptations. Why not the Four Seasons.? Exactly! Also we feature a track from the ‘Seasons’ Connections article.

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Once again our thanks to Rik Williams, who established the Chatbuster fanzine (for all things Motown), for hosting our site.

Next Time. Part One of the Jean Thomas Definitive Collection notes covering her time at Cadence and MGM Records before she became a Rag Doll, and another ‘Seasons’ Connections Volume as well as an update on the new releases and the Motown situation.

Next Newsletter: Number 48 - August 2006 (perhaps… September)

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         Newsletter No 47 – April 2006















‘Seasons’ Connections Vol 5



Motown – The Final Word…?


Jersey Boys – A Review

Factfile Vol 5


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